Water management solutions

Top Water –  control water levels online

Our cloud based technologies for control and administration of cistern facilities can be applied to the balancing of groundwater withdrawal. 

  • The system is made up of local units that survey water levels with integrated control systems of water supplies, which in turn controls the withdrawal of water via its pumps 
  • Through a set model, the withdrawal can be optimised after inflow and production. 
  • The system can also remove the need for manual sounding of levels, a method that often is a source of error. In addition, malfunctions are reported to on duty staff via text messages.  

About half of all drinking water produced by municipal facilities in Sweden are sourced from boreholes – groundwater. Quality regulations for surface water sourced from lakes and watercourses equally apply to groundwater.  But it is harder for suppliers to control production as the supply varies with annual precipitation. Varying sizes of water outlets can also affect the water quality. It is also worth mentioning that suppliers are responsible for surveillance and control of water qualities according to a number of government rules.

Our cloud based systems for control and administration of other cistern facilities can be applied to the control and withdrawal of groundwater.

We have developed a system with local small-scale units that wirelessly survey the water levels of boreholes. 

The system is connected to our cloud services that continuously surveils water levels. The cloud services connect to the water supplies control system, which in turn manages the withdrawal of water through its pumps. When necessary, the data is transmitted to the reporting systems required to log outlet volumes and water quality. Through a model, the outlet can be optimised based on inflow and production. The system is easy to expand and adapt after changing demand and water resources. By exchanging information between our cloud service and the system for water fees any losses in the management system can be predicted.