We deliver industrial systems and IoT solutions

Our services optimise logistics, reduce manual labour, initiate proactive maintenance work and inventory management.

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Welcome to Top Fuel

We are experienced specialists in remote readings of measurement data. Continued IoT developments make such data increasingly valuable and useful, allowing us to apply our expertise to new and exciting areas of use.

Cloud services make it possible to process data from a range of new and valuable trade and shipment solutions, resulting in increased efficiency and profit. 

  • Reporting and predictions   
  • Preventative maintenance work 
  • Automation of supply chains 
  • Stock inventory 
  •  Vendor management inventory 
  • Level, flow, pressure and temperature  measurements

Turnkey contracts

100% Liability, SLA

Logistics optimisation

Automation of the supply chain, maximize time efficiency and minimize cost


Remote reading of sensors through telematic devices

Order management

VMI, automated order flow and invoicing


Data collection, AI predictions

More than a product

Advanced level measurements, in real-time

As pioneers within tank-and cistern monitoring we conceived the products currently considered standard in the field of remote telemetry, GSM and GPRS today.  What we offer is more than a simple  measuring device. We offer complete solutions for complex and advanced logistics management.

We are more than just products.

“Keyportal provides us with tools that help us manage delivery distributions in effective and resource-efficient ways. We are very pleased with the partnership and services Top Fuel provides us!”
Pontus Bryno
“Top Fuel is invaluable to us… we have round the clock duties and with Top Fuel we can easily surveil our clients levels”
Thomas Brunzell


Simple access to all data

In Keyportal we collect data to ease control, follow-ups and division of responsibility. The sensors connected to this portal are, for example:

  • Temperature sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • Water & sewage sensors
  • Leakage sensors

The collection of data is done through electric-and battery driven collection units or directly from existing systems.

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30 years of experience

Pioneers in cistern monitoring

For more than 30 years we’ve built a network of partners who, with us, can guarantee that the solution you invest in is effective during all months, weeks, days and hours of the year.