Keyportal Tank Surveillance (VMI)

Effective logistics through managing your and you clients stock/ inventory. 

Become a better and more valuable supplier with sensible and secure production rates. 

Lorries that never drive empty lead to;

  • Increased profitability 
  • Higher sales
  • Better results 

Our solution is useful for transports of both liquid and solid materials. The responsibility of surveillance and management of deliveries is also placed on carriers, leading to even simpler management. 



Top Fuel Planner

A tool to predict optimal delivery slots for deliveries to production tanks and to communicate an order with external logistics and business systems. 

  • The tool is calendar based and displays level history and predictions 
  • The predicted level is based on user history with available adjustments for changes in production. 
  • The delivery planner follows the order status until it’s been dispatched from a client. 
  • Any deviations are quickly reported to all parties involved.

Delivery planning for a production tank.