About Top Fuel

Top Fuel in short

In 1982, a group of engineers started developing electronics for clients in process manufacturing, such as ABB, Alfa Laval and Tetra Pak, to name a few. At the time, the group also designed military technology for SAAB and Combitech, amongst others. This is the beginning of what later came to be Top Fuel.

Today, the company has shifted focus from hardware development into delivering systems with focus on remote sensor readings, applications and integrations. We offer solutions with services and support. Top Fuel has, and continues to, develop and grow with clients such as Preem, Nouryon and Perstorp.


Based on received values, you  take action that leads to…

… optimised logistics 

… a clearer view of your, and your clients, stock. 

… you ensuring the appropriate production rate 

This will make you a better and more valuable supplier, which in turn generates increased profit, higher sales and a better result, 

In addition, you can make considerable savings as you are able to, read measurements and take appropriate action at the right time and cost. 

Our services are solutions that result in;

  • Improved customer services – you will always know in advance where and when your clients need top-ups 
  • 100% control over what, when and how much is delivered – making invoicing easier and more precise
  • A system that generates complete orders ready to be processed 
  • Exact data and conditions for your company to structure your operations from