Preem offers two services to their customers; Fullt upp or Volymkoll where we are suppliers. Fullt upp is a service where our equipment is read by the planning department and the customer never needs to think about making orders, the tank is always refilled.

Volymkoll other hand, is a service for the smaller tanks, often mobile, used for projects in various locations around the country. The project started because clients often ordered fuel too late or too much, which led to unnecessary and costly returns or half-full trucks. For the customer, it was also time consuming having to physically measure the volume in the tanks and then call or e-mail their order. Since many of the tanks are mobile, they were not necessarily at the same place when the transporter would deliver compared to when the order was made. This led to unnecessary and costly kilometers every month to look for tanks positions.

We wanted to solve all this and we did!  

With our module T4 we solved all the the above problems in their value chain, facilitating the administration at the same time. The tanks were equipped with our battery-powered  T4 with GSM and GPS antenna that sent the measurement data and tank positions to our cloud server. The information was then visualized in a user friendly interface for the customer, the distributor and the transporter. When a volume of a tank did reach a precarious level, an SMS was generated to the customer asking whether he or she wanted to order more fuel. By pressing a link an order was generated which was the integrated into the distributor’s ERP system. Based on the information, transporters planned deliveries based on the most optimal route with a full tank. The planning department also had the opportunity to see the tanks volumes in real time closer to the delivery date. This made it possible to fill the tanks even more than ordered because they probably consumed fuel since the order was made. Current GPS coordinates could also help the drivers transporting fuel to the physical place without having to look for the tanks.

The former problem is our solution  

  • The modules measurement data contributed to reliable levels for orders.
  • Customers saved time when they didn’t have to keep track of the volume in the tanks.
  • The GPS positioning of the tanks made deliveries more economical.
  • Order of the fuel was simplified for the customer.
  • Order administration was minimized when the information was integrated into the company’s own ERP system.
  • Optimization of deliveries was made possible.

The solutions simplified not only the parts of the the company’s value chain and contributed to economical advantages. From the customer’s perspective the solution also created a value-added package because the T4 meant less work and more accessible information.

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