Nouryon (previously AkzoNobel) was facing other challenges for their chemical loading and transport division. They needed a single system that was easy to use whether the depot terminal was in northern parts of Sweden or in the Netherlands.

How to automate order handling and invoicing ?
Distribution companies get orders -> place load orders to the transporter-> transporter loads the order at the depot -> delivers product -> report delivered product and quantity.

How can the distributor ensure that the right product and quantity is loaded, that the truck is approved for transport and that it is not overloaded?

How can unity be created for drivers at the depots and reduce manual handling?

Top Fuel solved this and made sure that the process was automated. The order goes directly to the terminal to remove the manual handling locally and then reported back with the exact weight or volume to Nouryon’s ERP systems for billing. All in order to minimize errors and increase safety because procedures differed from depot to depot and information about the loading processes were stored locally. Now the whole process from order to invoicing could not go wrong because the process was monitored at all stages.

Drivers and trucks was also handled more secure because information about permissions was integrated in the system. What should be loaded? How much? Right truck and right driver? Etc. Therefore the whole circle was tied and we had removed the administrative bits to minimize human errors. The whole process did become safer at all stages and can now be effortlessly monitored.

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