Top Fuel T4 module have 5 binary / counting inputs, 3 analogue inputs 0 – 5 V range with sensor power supply (powered only for the short interval of the measurements), and high capacity data logger (storing up to several thousands of records). Top Fuel T4 allows operation with wider range of measuring converters, more frequent measurements (with lower energy consumption) and longer operational time without battery replacement (5 to 10 years with lithium batteries depending on the environment). GPS option is also available.


Installation movie

Examples of applications

  • Alarm systems
  • Access control
  • Remote reading of sensors
  • Remote control of various devices via CLIP call or SMS (gates, pumps, heat, electric lights, etc.)


  • GSM/GPRS packet transmission and SMS
  • Integral GSM 850/900/1800/1900 with system for autonomic login to GPRS network
  • 5 binary/counter inputs compatible with potential free contacts (eg. pulse outputs of flowmeters)
  • 3 analogue 0-5 V DC inputs with configurable alarm thresholds and hysteresis
  • 2 binary outputs
  • Optional power supply 15/24VDC for external analogue converters
  • Lid opening sensor (tampering protection)
  • Measuring of internal temperature
  • Intelligent data logger (4MB Flash RAM with min write interval of 1 sec.)
  • Configurable schedules and events initiating measurements and data transmission
  • RTC real time clock
  • Battery power supply (lithium batteries), replaceable
  • Intelligent power management
  • USB port for local configuration
  • Optional GPS receiver
  • IP-67 enclosure
  • SMA antenna socket
  • Operating temperature range -30°…+55°C
  • GPRS based application for remote management
  • Remote firmware upgrade