The T2 module is equipped with a data logger, diagnostic LEDs, detachable terminal blocks, DIN rail mounted housing and power supply circuit working in voltage ranges commonly used in automation. The power can be supplied from battery as well. The module can operate as an element of the control and data acquisition system with a central supervising. Moreover, it can operate autonomously in event-driven mode initiating by itself the local control functions, transmission of input/output states, SMS messages with dynamically changed contents, and the data packets or dials to given phone number for CLIP identification. The communication using queries and control commands sent as SMS is possible as well. All modes of operation ensure data security and protection against unauthorized access, including remote control and configuration.


  • Transmission modes: GSM/GPRS through SMS or data packages
  • Programmable control functions using I/O’s and configurable, event triggered flags
    (SMS sending, data sending / logging, output control, call in)
  • Event triggered Data Logger
  • Dynamic SMS text insertion
  • Simple, multipoint alarm configuration for both binary and analog inputs
  • External, optisolated RS 232/422/485 serial port for data transmission
  • Local or remote (via GPRS) configuration and programming
  • Configurable access security – IP and Tel. list, optional password
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Power supply 12/24V DC, 24 V AC
  • Removable terminal blocks
  • Diagnostic LED’s (status, GSM transmission activity,GSM signal level,
    GPRS activity, serial communication activity, I/O status)
  • Serial port emulated protocols in GPRS mode:
    • MODBUS RTU (Master and Slave)
    • Transparent, intelligent modem


  • 8 optoisolated binary / counter inputs 24V DC (I1 – I8)
  • 8 configurable binary outputs / inputs / counters 24V DC (Q1 – Q8)
  • 2 optoisolated analog inputs 4-20 mA (8 bit acc./10 bit res.) with configurable hysteresis and filtration
  • Isolated serial port RS 232/485/422
  • Firmware Flash memory with remote update capability
  • RTC with external synchronization functions