Top Fuel T2

Topfuel T2 is a telemetric module optimized for applications requiring local control and transmission of data for remote monitoring in the process industry. It is combining functionality of a programmable logic controller, data logger and wireless communication interface for GPRS packet transmission over GSM network. Read more here. Read more here.

Top Fuel T3

Telemetry Module with built-in GSM modem is a device dedicated for remote monitoring, diagnostics and control of objects via short text messages (SMS/e-mail) or CLIP calls. Configurable messages send from device with static (text) or dynamic (text and measured values) content are a convenient way of passing important information to the monitoring center, or directly to the defined phone numbers. Read more here.

Top Fuel T4

T4 is a battery powered, measuring, logging and transmitting device with GPS option. Simple compact design in plastic enclosure with IP-67 protection makes the module ideal for harsh environment with no power lines (eg. water supply control wells, cisterns and chambers). Read more here.