It all began in Lund!

In 1982, a number of engineers gathered in Lund to deliberate over solutions in the field of industrial electronics for customers such as ABB, Alfa Laval, Tetra Pak in the processing industry. We also came up with solutions in the area of military electronics for example, for SAAB Combitech.

In 1995, the operations expanded and Top Fuel became pioneers with their solutions for streamlined tank and cistern surveillance through remote measurement; telemetry.

The first customer to use Top Fuel’s solutions was Statoil, and so the requirements for dependability, thoroughness down to the tiniest detail, and reliability were obviously high. 1000 systems were implemented, evidence to the fact that our solutions were of the highest quality even then. The important issue was how to measure the levels in a tank with either a liquid or solid content without installing a gauge inside the tank.

Top Fuel is a pioneer in tank and cistern surveillance through remote measurement.

This solution became the foundation of what today makes up the core of Top Fuel’s business and, even to this day, keeps us ahead of our competitors. The products for remote measurement that we developed almost 30 years ago still constitute the standard in the field of telemetry. Since 1995, interest, initially from oil companies, in the remote measurement of tanks has increased; above all, in order to increase the level of service within the areas of fuel oil, lubricating oil and waste oil. Over the same period, and often in joint partner projects, Top Fuel has developed its own products and services.

The Internet, GSM, GPRS and other technical advances have made it possible to customize solutions that have opened up fantastic opportunities for our customers when it comes to controlling the actual levels in their own and their customers’ tanks, in real time.

Streamline your own logistics and reap considerable environmental benefits. Every day.

Based on the measurement data, the customer can be alerted about what actions needs to be taken, with other words be more proactive. You can streamline your own logistics at the same time you obtain a better overview of your own and your customers’ stock. Everything will eventually contribute to you becoming an even better and more valuable supplier to your customers. In turn, this will immediately lead to increased profitability, better sales and improved results.

And equally essentially, you can also reap considerable environmental benefits. You can read your measurement data on your own website, or on another website of your choice, and take the right action at the right time and the right cost. Thanks to the fact that, through our business partners, we also offer a nationwide maintenance and installation services, we are the perfect business partner today for industrial customers such as Preem, Nouryon (previously AkzoNobel), Perstorp and Ecolab. And, as previously mentioned, we have also provided our solutions to Statoil, Castrol and Kemira.